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MS - Final weeks of Book Club (and school)
Posted 5/26/20

Ahoy, Maties!


Here is what the final weeks of our Schoolwide Book Club looks like:


Tuesday:  Finish traveling with Lucky and his friends and discover how his journey ends (this means finish reading the novel today:)


Wednesday:  Complete your final book club “role” assignment.


Thursday: Join the final Virtual Book Club Hangout at 1:00.


If possible, please turn in your 4 completed book club role sheets after the Google Hangout today.  We know that you have until June 1st on the calendar to turn them in; however, the sooner we get them, the sooner we can calculate final grades.


Friday:  Complete your final response to a quote from this week’s reading (exit ticket).


Monday, June 1st:  Make sure all your work is in shipshape order and turned in today (if not earlier:)

Tuesday, June 2nd:  Join a Google Hangout at 9:00 today with your regular English teacher (they will email you the code) for a trivia contest on Chasing the Nightbird.  The top three sailors per grade level will win a prize personally delivered to their doorstep by their teacher the following day.