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5th Grade Science Camp

5th Grade Science Camp

Science Camp is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20th - Friday, February 23th,  2018.

For information about the camp click here.  The camp will be sending you an e-mail with login/password information so you can complete the camp paperwork.


If you have any questions ask your students teacher.

Student Packing List for 5th Grade Science Camp

Sleeping Bag                                   COLD WEATHER GEAR

Pillow                                               Hat & Gloves          

Toiletries                                         Waterproof Snow Jacket

Flashlight w/batteries                Wool Socks                                     

Lip Balm                                           Hiking Boots                      

Water Bottle                                    Long Underwear

4 pair underwear                           Snow Pants

3-4 pair of socks

2 long pants

1 pair sneakers (not the canvas type like Converse)

2 or 3 T-Shirts

2 Long Sleeve Shirts

1 Sweatshirt

1 Jacket

1 Towel + 1 washcloth



Shower Shoes (optional)

Sunglasses (optional)



ALL electronic devices, including e-readers, should be left at home.  Don’t bring IPods, hand held video games, or anything else that is electronic.  In particular, cell phones are not permitted at Pali as reception is almost non-existent and it distracts from the learning environment.  Also, do not bring food, candy, or money to camp.   All food is provided. If your child is found in possession of these items they WILL BE TAKEN AWAY.  WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE SAFEKEEPING OF THESE ITEMS AND WILL NOT REPLACE THEM IF THEY ARE LOST OR DAMAGED.